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Mar 6, 2023

It is like a dream come true, the company has taken charge of my request and always encouraged me to continue. Even when I saw no hope, they still pushed through. I got back several thousand, which i never thought would happen. I now believe that there is justice in this world and would encourage anyone who was scammed to join with them.

Adnan Rahman

Feb 20, 2023

They were able to track down all the funds that were stolen from me, and actively pursuing the responsible parties. The team is active and in touch with me and update me on any progress and or updates in my case.

Noemi San Martin

Feb 8, 2023

From the beginning they wete so reasurring. They assign me a case manager which was been great. He explained the whole process to me and every time I have questions Eitan Tal answers them right away and has treated me with respect. He really listens making what I have been thru a little more bearable. They have complied with what they have explained to me. So far my process is been good.

Dolovan Zewky

Feb 13, 2023

Regardless the outcome of my money comes back or not the team of payback are supportive and good people and on there youtube Channel it seems they have helped alot of people, when no one else even replied back to me payback did. Thank you very much.

Lorand Bartok

Feb 7, 2023

I am really pleased with my case manager Maya Bloom. Communication with her is concise, accurate and pleasant and she genuinely listens to what I say. It is clear to me that she is putting a lot of time and care into solving my case.

George Bayer

Jan 8, 2023

I lost a tremendous amount of money in a cryptocurrency scam, and was very depressed and unsure about how to proceed. I found Money Back Ltd. on the Internet, and took the step pf contacting them. Osnat Alterman is my Case Manager and she is outstanding. She is intelligent, hard-working, and understanding. Based on my experience thus far with Osnat and the rest of the team, I now have hope for a recovery of my funds!


Jan 16, 2023

I will give 5 stars to Osnat Alterman as my case manager for being very professional, very responsive, patient, thorough and help me through every step of this process. I am hoping and praying to get my money back as this is the hardest time ever in my life. Will keep you posted.

Sweet Chilli

Feb 20, 2023

Tamar Azoulay was my case manager and has helped me to get my money back with success. If you are looking to get you money back legally. You can only write letters through emailing to your finance provider. When they do respond to your letter by asking you series of questions. You must respond to them in simple and clear answer backed up with evidence. When you do write with such clarity, it make everything much faster for your bank provider to investigate your compliant. This is where Pay Back aka Money Back Ltd can help in writing letter and that is what they really stand for. The rest of the effort is really up to you on how much effort you want to put in, in response to your finance provider inquires. This is the only legal way you can ever possible do in bid to get your money back. There is no 100% guarantee that you will get your money back. I would recommend their service if you don't really know on what to do legally. Remember, you must try to get your money back legally, never through hackers and any other illegal activities at all otherwise it would make you as bad as them.

Stacy Cooke

Feb 26, 2023

Ms Molly fine is a wonderful person she is really helpful when it comes to the process of trying to return my funds and what is need to be done to do that she reaches out to me frequently to make sure that I am okay.

Delroy Simpson

Jan 26, 2023

The response was great and I'm very grateful for the company's support and services especially working with my case manager molly has been doing an extremely AWSome work so far way to go pay back is numbers 1

Mark Chiong

Jan 26, 2023

Osnat Alterman Is a good case manager, The communication in between help me as a client understand/ educate and be informed about the good planning even with our Time difference.

Erling Etlar Nielsen

Dec 9, 2022

when you think you nearly have lost everything then it's fantastic to feel a live again, thats happened for me after a professional meeting with my investigator Esther Dillon from Money Back LTD, I lost around 800.000 $ to scammers and felt totally lost, but after Esther Dillon analysts my case she made a professional set up and explained me how she will work with my case, I'm convinced that she will be able to get all my money back soon, until now I feel safe and relaxed.

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