How to Report a Bitcoin Scammer (Bitcoin Scam Help)

by Mike RubinsonJune 22, 20206, 22, 2020

How to Report a Bitcoin Scammer – Know the Right Details to Catch the Thief

While you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have to report someone for stealing your money, you may end up in such a situation if you want to trade online. The online trading industry is booming fast. There are hundreds and thousands of online brokers providing you with some amazing trading platforms to start your trading career. However, there are just as many scammers on the internet today. The most common type of scammers is the Bitcoin scammers. These people will scam you in the name of Bitcoin. They tell you that you can trade Bitcoin and make money from trading it.

They show you some great dreams of becoming rich through Bitcoin trading. They have these weird stores behind their programs that they try to sell to you through cheesy videos and pictures. However, when people need money desperately, they fall for even these basic and obvious scams. If you have been scammed online, you need to know how to report a Bitcoin scammer. There are some steps that you will have to follow to make sure that you help the right people catch the scammer.

Bitcoin Scam Help – The 4 Steps

·         Make Sure It Is a Scam

Before you start with the steps on how to report a Bitcoin scammer, you have to make sure that your report is legitimate. You don’t want to be biased against a particular online broker and report it for that reason. First of all, you should make sure that the complaint is coming first hand i.e. it is coming from you if you have been scammed. Do not report on behalf of others. You never know when they are really scammed. Now, you have to make sure that the broker you are about to report really is a scam. How can you do that? First, try to contact the customer support for the problem you are facing.

If you don’t get any response or they try to give you a runaround, you can be sure that they are scams. At the same time, if they have made any unbelievable promises with you, be sure that they are not going to help you in any way. Even the best online brokers cannot guarantee that you will win even a single penny. Only scammers make claim to get your attention, and unfortunately, they do.

·         Collect the Details of the Scam

Collecting the details of the scam is the most important part of how to report a Bitcoin scammer. Why do you have to collect details? Well, you have to have some evidence that you signed up with a broker and that you were then scammed. More importantly, if you are claiming an online scam, you are definitely saying that you lose money in the hands of an online broker. There are people who would make false claims only to get some money in return. So, you have to make sure that you seem legitimate with your claim by having proof with you.

How can you have proof? Well, first, you should note down the website of the scammer. Secondly, you should write down your account details i.e. your login and password. Thirdly, you should take a screenshot of you logged into your account to prove that you actually do have an account with the broker. Thirdly, you should take a screenshot of the money in your account. If you can, please make sure that you record all your interactions with the company on the phone and email. Keep record of all your communications.

·         Make a Final Try to Contact the Broker

Now that you have collected all the details about the scam, you should try contacting the broker once more. This is going to be your final attempt to solve the matter without involving any third parties. At the same time, if you happen to get in touch with the customer service, you can tell them your plan. As soon as you tell them that you have collected all the necessary information to report them to an authority, they will try to fix things up for you. However, if they are still not willing to help you, you will have to move forward and make the next move.

The next move is to get in touch with the right company that can help you get the money back from the scammer. It is important that you choose a company with some years of experience and a great team that can break the broker and make them give your money back.

·         Get Money-Back’s Help

Now that you have collected all the details and tried to contact broker one last time, you can make the next move and get in touch with the people who can help you with your situation. There is nothing more for you to know about how to report a Bitcoin scammer once you have discovered Money-Back. Money-Back is there to help you in this situation like it has helped many others before you. You will not find any other service like this on the internet. There are some other companies doing to the same, but they don’t have such a great track record of successful cases.

When you tell Money-Back about your case, you instantly have a team of lawyers, psychologists, and industry professionals on your side that comes in action. They make calls to the right people and even the scamming broker to tell them what’s about to come. In many cases, this call to the broker is enough to break him/her. Once they know they are being contacted by lawyers, they give the money back to avoid going in the court and getting banned forever and from everywhere.

Bottom Line

Now you know how to report a Bitcoin scammer. However, it does not mean that you have to fall for a scammer first. You can keep yourself from getting scammed if you know how to spot a scammer. If you are being given false promises on the website and there is just an unbelievable amount of hype on the website about Bitcoin, you are on a scam website. If it is an online Bitcoin broker, make sure you ask them about regulation. If they are not regulated, steer clear from them.

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Anat Samovski


I was working in the risk dept of a major binary company, after a few months I understand what this industry is all about and I left. I believe that it is divine providence that MoneyBack found me and hired me. I know how many people fall for this kind of scams and I know what we can do for them I wish we could have gotten to them all. If you lost money to a rading scam online please sign up because we can help you!!

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