About Money Back

About Money Back

MoneyBack exists to destroy the ugly phenomenon of unregulated companies trying to manipulate innocent people on the internet to invest in a fake platform that doesn’t even exist. After money has been invested, the whole intention and the sole purpose of the broker is to retain the victim as long as he possibly can, thus making it harder for him to cancel any transaction and lowering the ability to file a legit complaint to the financial authorities.

If you have allowed these brokers to trade with your money you probably lost from the very beginning, from the first interaction. Having said that, You CAN do something about it even if you already “lost” it. We can help you out. Our team will be there for you fully
Our commitment to Integrity, Teamwork, and Excellence are just some of the ways we express the value we place on clients.

How MoneyBack is going to help you?

Assuming you have been victimized, we will help you recover the money by fighting against the scam companies and the evil people behind it. By taking legal actions on your behalf we can retrieve your lost funds and help you get back on track.

“Maybe I’ll just forget about it and move on with my life…?”
This is a common concern clients have and we strongly disagree with it.
This money was earned respectfully. You put a serious amount of effort to get this money, and now you’re telling us you have given up on it just because some people on the internet run some sophisticated moves on you? No way.

Rich & varied experience

With more and more scammers rising up, there are also more victims whose existence make it easier for us to confront the financial authorities on your behalf. Those are the same institutions and/or companies who supported and allowed these fraudulent transactions to be done in the first place. The credit card companies, the processing companies, and the banks have never been more aware of this type of scam. Thus, the phenomenon is well-known and easier to resolve than ever before.

You are not alone!

Since online trading scams so popular these days, thousands of victims all over the world have already faced the same problem, luckily for them they reached us, and to make it short – not only that we made it for them, but also – after years working with those clients – we have the exact experience needed to resolve these situations, in a legal way, of course.

We have faced all sorts of Online Scams, from Binary Options to Crypto Currencies, Forex and CFDs and even Cyber scams. From our point of view – giving up on those cases is not the proper reaction, at all. It is a coward’s reaction, a passive reaction which is not acceptable in 2019 when options to funds retrievement are available and diverse than ever before.

Your money is retrievable, 95% of the time. Don’t be afraid to open a case

(You’ll need to have a minimum amount of evidence, of course, more on that next)

We are not here to tell you everything is amazing, though. Sure, it sucks and it is a struggle.

Someone stole your money and you probably don’t know anything about how to get it back beyond just complaining to your credit card company or to the bank begging them to believe you. After all, you haven’t had an idea what you were doing, but on the same breath – the world is an emotionless place and no one truly care about it.

Unless you have tools of a lawyer or experience with this industry, you can’t get your money back

It ain’t going to work. You are not going to win alone. Stop trying. Unless you’re an experienced lawyer, your efforts are useless and the more you wait the harder it is to recover your money. The action that you’ll take alone might not just be a waste of time, but even harm you. Yes, if treated amateurly and unprofessionally, it can do you more bad than good, you should consult experts and keep your chances high. You must take legal and serious action now.

That’s why we are here.

So you don’t make mistakes on your own.

And by the way…. We don’t blame you, either, for not knowing how to handle it by yourself.

After all, it’s not your job to understand the heavy bureaucracy behind chargeback or recall (cancellation of transactions made by credit card/bank wire accordingly)

Guess what?

There’s a HUGE difference between how the banks and other companies react when they face a claim on the individual level, or a claim on a company level, like we do, which leads me to the last point:

They probably already know us

We have been in this area for 4 years now. Trust us that we are already familiar with all the law firms, the personal banks, the financial authorities, the regulators, the major banks, etc.

For obvious reasons, most of the time – unless you’re a millionaire – banks and credit card companies will ignore your request to retrieve the fund and worse than that they won’t even treat your request at all. Why would they? You’re a tiny part of the entire picture, and the default is that the money has already been transferred and nothing is going to change (unless a massive action is taken against it, of course)

Not with money back

With Money Back, you can be sure that your money will be back in your bank accounts, by a matter of maximum few months, depending on the complexity of the case.

If you have been scammed, don’t hesitate!

Take action now!

Why choose us

Money Back as a company encourages huge diversity in the workplace. Different thinkers, different approaches, unconventional methods to addressing conventional issues and so on. This diversity contributes to a creative environment which is definitely helping us producing our world-record results. Without diversity, there would be no advancements or new ways to solve problems.
Everything we do, we make sure we don’t compromise being highly professional. In our work environment, we keep holding our staff to a pro standard. Professionalism is one of the most important core values Money Back sets to itself as a company. We put a strong emphasis on the people we hire and the way they work to get our clients as satisfied as possible.
Money Back is highly transparent to the customer. From well-detailed price breakdown to hiring practices and internal process, our customer will get the knowledge he needs in order to legitimately doing business with us. We expect from ourselves what we expect from others, and by being transparent we express ourselves fully and in an honest way, which is a value we believe our workers and co-workers should live by too.
The more we work with integrity, the more we attract clients with the same values. These are the ones we want. They are appreciative, communicate effectively and with honest, do what they say they will do, and come back for more. We have no toleration for people who are not serious and time-wasters.
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