Investment & Trading scams

Investment & Trading scams

Investment services we provide

Money Back is primarily about helping people who lost their money due to an internet scam, especially in the field of financial investment and trading.

We are extremely familiar with most unregulated brokers and know exactly how they operate, as well as with the banks and the credit companies’ bureaucracy. We have an access to the owners of those companies, in majority of cases.

Sometimes, even before we contact the relevant authorities, we reach out the companies’ CEO and threatening them with lawyers. Since those scammers are afraid to be revealed for their crimes, they’re more likely to release the stolen funds in a settlement, rather than being exposed. (Just look at Banc-De-Binary, for example, the owner pays back to his clients 11 Million Dollar on monthly basis in a settlement with the government).

How we work

1. Representative
Our client reaches us, via mail or phone. *Mail should require all the details so our representative will be informed while making the first call.
2. Claim assessment
Claim assessment- we will only take cases worth pursuing, if the case is too old or of low chances – we won’t take it. We only take cases that we will win. Our success rate so far serves as solid proof for that.
3. Resolve the problem
A multifaceted approach to resolve the problem:
  • The credit card company will get confronted by lawyers.
  • Processing companies, if involved, will get confronted by lawyers as well.
  • Sending a well-written letter to the banks, and the ombudsman of the bank, if needed.
4.Patience is key
Waiting – Depending on the complexity of the case, and the number of financial authorities involved in the pursuit of the case, it might take anywhere between 1 month to 6 months. Patience is key – we can help, but it takes time and you must understand that for the process to flow healthily.
5. Getting answers
Getting answers from the financial authorities / reach a settlement.
6. Money is back in your bank account
Money is back in your bank account through a chargeback / a recall / a signed settlement, and Money Back gets a little commission for the work.


Other services we provide

Investment & trading scams
In 2023, if you are dealing with an online broker, you’re more likely than not giving your money away to a scammer. When it comes to those so-called brokers on the internet, the best investment is NO investment. Since the internet has no regulation, you must be aware of where you put your money in!
Merchants & service providers
As a MSP, Money Back is involved in the processing, storage or transmission of cardholder data on behalf of another entity. We provide services for merchants all over the globe including controlling and managing the security of cardholder data. We are NOT a payment brand.
International banking
International Banking Crimes are financial crimes that occur all the time, especially on the web by both anonymous and fake-named agencies. The term “International Banking Crimes” covers a wide range of criminal offenses which are generally international in nature. Closely connected to cybercrime, International Banking Crimes are often committed via the Internet and have a major impact on the international banking and financial sectors – both official and alternative. Financial crimes affect individuals, companies, organizations, and even nations, and have a negative impact on the entire economic and social system through a considerable loss of money incurred.
Consulting & recovery
Money Back will help you check out companies that might be a fraud, thus preventing you from potential engagement with them.
Based on a rich experience we have with most companies, we will assess for you the chances of becoming another victim. If it’s already “too late”, you can be relaxed that we are familiar with the mechanism behind recovering lost funds from such fraudulent activities and we can definitely help you recover the money in such cases.

Any questions?

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